I’m a broadcast journalist turned TV and radio producer who now works in online and social media for Radio 1 (Dream Job, tick). I’ve worked across print, radio, TV and online, in news, features, factual and entertainment – with a vested interest and specialism in women’s health, lifestyle and wellbeing, as well as how we’re being shaped by the media and popular culture. If you’d like to work with me, or want to get in touch about any of these things then pop over to my contact page and say hello.


I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic since 1996. Diagnosed nine days before my ninth birthday. By now you’d think I would have figured it all out, got it sussed, had it down to an art. The truth is it’s bloody hard. And every website/book/leaflet I read filled me with fabulous (sometimes slightly conflicting) advice, which is all well and good, but there’s just one small problem. That little thing called life.

This website started as a diary of my journey to becoming a ‘responsible’ diabetic (still trying on that front) without shunning all the fun things that being a spritely 20-something getting her eyes opened by the world around her entails. Because in all the reading I’d done, there was nothing out there that told me about what living with this thing – a not-so-little condition that unfortunately needs to be taken into consideration with every decision I make – is like for a person who loves to live.

Then, along the way I started talking about real life in general, how we’re shaped by things like the media and how we put immense pressure on ourselves to succeed because the world makes us that way. I also started talking about my own relationship with my body, and how my understanding of nourishing it and protecting it has developed as I live and learn. I now talk about health, self-esteem, society, brands – all the things we consume and engage with as we’re finding our way, the things that eventually shape us as adults. YFT1 is honest (always), relevant (hopefully), intelligent (occasionally), and I hope it leaves you feeling empowered in some teeny weeny little way. Because juggling life while trying to live life can be tricky, but hell, I’m going to have me some fun while I’m doing it.


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