So, Hiya. This isn’t much fun so let’s just get it over with.

Diabetes is a serious, complicated, confusing condition. If it wasn’t there would be no need for this blog, and we’d all be sad about that.

However many books etc I may read, I am by no means whatsoever a medical expert, or expert of any kind, diabetes or otherwise. Once again, compounded by the fact that I’ve been diabetic since 1996 and I still haven’t completely figured it out.

Everything contained in this blog has been drawn from my own experience, observations and learnings. It’s not to be taken as advice in any way, let alone as gospel. The Law According to Jen works for Jen and only Jen! (Seriously, it’s best if you don’t even try and delve…)

If upon reading this you think you may want to change a few things about your control, please seek advice from your doctor or diabetes specialist.

Also, I am a broadcast journalist. Ditto, these views are entirley my own and not that of any employer or associated companies.

Right, that’s over, now you never have to read this page again. But please read the other pages and posts, they’re a lot more interesting, and maybe even *gasp* mildly entertaining at times.

To health and happiness.

Besos x

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