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So, we’re all friends here. If you would like to get in touch with your thoughts, feedback, questions, lovely things you want to bestow me with (especially if it’s unicorn related…), whatever, then say hi at youngfuntype1@gmail.com and I’ll do my best for ya. For any diabetes advice you’re best seeing your specialist/GP (see the below disclaimer. It’s definitely for the best if you don’t ask me).

I’d love your thoughts on what you think I should be writing about… and you can also get in touch with any journalism related thingys, writing commissions or booking requests. I do some freelance stuff sometimes, so that is great news. Here’s me talking live and unscripted about diabetes on BBC Radio Humberside with Peter Levy:


So. This bit isn’t much fun so let’s just get it over with.

I talk about diabetes on here, among other things like health and exercise. Diabetes is a serious, complicated, confusing condition. If it wasn’t there would be no need for this blog, and we’d all be sad about that.

However many books etc I may read, I am by no means whatsoever a medical expert, or expert of any kind, diabetes or otherwise.

Everything contained in this blog has been drawn from my own experience, observations and learnings. It’s not to be taken as advice in any way, let alone as gospel. The World According to Jen is probably not a place you want to go…

If upon reading this you think you may want to change a few things about your diabetes control, please seek advice from your doctor or diabetes specialist.

Also, I am a producer with an actual job. So on that tip, these views are entirley my own and not that of any employer or associated companies. Anything I get sent etc, I will only accept if it fits with my views and the things I’m trying to write about here. And I will always give my honest opinion. Nobody likes a bullshitter.

Right, PHEW that’s over, now you never have to read that again. But please read the other pages and posts, they’re a lot more interesting, and maybe even *gasp* mildly entertaining at times.

To health and happiness.

Besos xxx



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  1. Hi Jen
    Just stumbled across your blog today. Good stuff !

    Im really just writing to ask if you’ve heard of the DAFNE course being run by some clinics.
    I’ve had T1 for 20 odd years now and done this course early last year and to be honest I was sceptical before going. But I can honestly say it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. Yes I know what you’re thinking, but honestly.

    The course is run over 5 days and the best part is probably the fact that I done it with 5 other T1’s. To share and listen to others experience of living with T1 was good and to realise that we all deal with much the same problems, big or small, really was refreshing.
    The most unique part though was being able to have a laugh (and believe me there was lots of it) with people who really did know what you were talking about.

    And the bonus of it all, yes there really was a real practical benefit, was the basis of the course. It really did help me to finally understand how to fine tune my treatment which resulted in far more stability and confidence.

    Kind regards.

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