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Generation Social Validation

I just read that takes on average 5 minutes and 45 seconds to get the perfect ‘impromptu’ selfie shot.

5 minutes and 45 seconds does not suggest one is capturing a candid moment does it?

The effect of social media on how and why we receive perceived ‘validation’ through likes and comments via a screen is colossal, and has changed the way we present ourselves to the world forevermore. So many positive things have come from the rise of this social savvy generation – togetherness (even if physically alone); a chance to reach out to others from the relative safety of a screen. But is this empowerment, or a cry for help? Offering yourself up to the public for judgement hereby apparently means that 5 minutes and 45 seconds of perfecting needs to be undertaken to ensure that the judgement you receive is the right one; the one you crave.

This is something that fascinates me constantly, particularly in relation to young people. I could write and write and write about this, and soon I will. But for now this infographic from Elizabeth Kesses, author of The Ugly Little Girl trilogy gives us a little snapshot. Weirdly Instagram, the veritable home of the selfie, isn’t mentioned on here. I’ve got more digging to do on this one…




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