Young… or Fit?

Hey lovely guys. Hope this finds you well. You look great, have you been working out? Have you changed your hair? We must do this more, it’s so lovely to catch up…

Okay, okay. This is one of those occasions where I need your wise and knowledgeable opinions. Sorry, it’s just take take take over here.


It’s been bothering me for a while that much as I love the ‘Young, Fun and Type 1’ name, this site has recently,  quite subtly evolved beyond it. For one, I’m no longer classed as ‘young’ by society’s standards – I don’t get money off my rail fares any more on account of my age, and I’m sadly now struck off many a concessions list. This name was foolish really because inevitably one day it would expire. I mean, I’m (hopefully) not close to croaking it, but nor am I such a spritely all-singing all-dancing young’n once you take away the unicorns constantly dancing in my head.


Agnes Forever ❤


But then, nor did I think this site would evolve beyond the two month mark, and never did I think anyone other than my Mum would read it, and such this blog, nor I, would ever not be ‘young’. But somehow here we are, years later, having gone many up and downs (DID YOU GET THAT BLOOD SUGAR PUN OH MY) and you lot are still tuning in. You utter nutters. Wonderful nutters.

Secondly, as many sites do over time, the focus of this here humble url has evolved somewhat, as I have absorbed, learned, grown and evolved as a human. The nucleus of it still very much remains the same – I’m just trying to live my life, dammit. As are the rest of you with a pancreatically challenged existence. But in the past year or so that has become very much about being the kindest and best person to myself I possibly can be – something I’ve not previously understood or really been conscious of. The things I achieved last year showed me in no uncertain terms how amazing the body and mind can be when they work for each other, not against each other. So there has been a lot more chat about fitness, food, (well, that was always on the agenda. But now we talk less about pizza and more about porridge) nutrition, empowerment and being in control of who we are – diabetes or no diabetes.

So, my loyal fellowship of the insulin and beyond, what do you think of *drumroll* Fit, Fun and Type 1? The essence remains the same, but it’s slightly adapted to welcome a broader range of chat, hopefully being of some interest to those who still have a working pancreas. And it won’t expire as long as I don’t pack in the gym and resign myself to a horizontal existence on the sofa. Which sounds quite tempting, actually.

I’d love your thoughts, in the comments or on Twitter, which I’ve no doubt will be as honest as ever 😉

Much Love,

Something, Fun and Type 1 x

Neither Young Nor Fit...

Neither Young Nor Fit…


4 comments on “Young… or Fit?

  1. I say keep with what you got. But then at my age I don’t take to change well (https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/39828-i-ve-come-up-with-a-set-of-rules-that-describe).

    My suggestion? Cling on for as long as you possibly can to ‘young’. Hey youth is all relative after all right? Then when it has really got BEYOND silly, simply segue neatly into ‘Old Fun and Type 1’ and see if anyone notices 🙂

  2. Really like the new name you suggested! 🙂

  3. Haha thanks Mike! It’s tricky, I’m trying to reach more people without losing the essence of what it’s all about. Due to my having the mental age of a six year old I shall hopefully never be ‘Old, Bitter and Still Type 1’!!

  4. Thanks Steve! We shall see… 🙂

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