Being a Diabetic in Six Minutes of Genius

Oh hi Friday! There you are innocently going about your day? Stop for six minutes (and 47 seconds) and give the following your full attention.

For all the hard-hitting, expensive, flashy, heart-wrenching, serious, funny, clever, boring, stupid, wonderful ad campaigns I have seen about living with a medical condition, I have never seen anything like the below. It is bloody wonderful. Mostly because it’s devastatingly simple.

Sean got in touch on Twitter to show me this brilliant motion video he made, talking about his type 1 diagnosis and adjusting to life sans pancreas thereafter. His aim – like a lot of us putting our experiences out there – is to educate, but also to help those a little fearful about living with something not particularly fun. He takes us on a journey through diagnosis, struggle and acceptance in simple terms, without being overly dramatic or profound like some of us I have a tendency to do. The clever use of archive footage is actually my fave thing ever ever. Shoutout to Captian Novolin! I miss that game.

I couldn’t not post it here and share it with you. You need to also take a look at Sean’s showreel. The man is quite evidently a motion design and illustrative genius. I’ve been mesmerised by his stuff for a lot longer than my working day actually permits*.

*Joking, boss**.

**Not really.

‘Living’ with Diabetes from Seanographic.co.uk on Vimeo.


3 comments on “Being a Diabetic in Six Minutes of Genius

  1. Hi missjengrieves.
    I liked this guys video and it is good to know that there is a medium out there that lets people know that there are others out there dealing with very similar circumstances.
    I particularly liked his text line at the end which included thanks to the NHS.
    I feel fortunate that I have always had great support from the NHS in dealing with my Diabetes and it’s related problems. One of the best experiences of my life(I spent a week realizing for the first time in 24 years that other people were going through exactly the same things as I, in every detail) was to attend a week long course on Diabetes called DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating). Although I thought I knew everything about diabetes, this really opened my eyes. Unfortunately, most other diabetics I know myself or through someone I know have had no experience of this due to NHS budgets.
    The point I am making is that why, in such a small country does everyone not get the same treatment and consideration !?

    Also Jen,
    I would like to ask you what you think about the fact that since fully synthetic insulin’s have been introduced, why most diabetics are achieving acceptable levels of BM readings, but at the same time Diabetic related problems are on the increase ?

    MM. Veteran Diabetic.

  2. This is class, should be used as an educational tool, diabetes told in a informative and less scary way than other methods I have seen, well done to the person who made this film and thank you for posting this

  3. Hey Chris! It’s great isn’t it. It would be good for all newly DX I think, or just for people who work with T1s etc, certainly great for understanding without any drama.

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