EXCLUSIVE: Este HAIM Talks to YFT1 About Life With Diabetes

Scroll to the bottom if you can’t be jacked to read my waffle. The vid’s there, worry not.

Sooo… major jokes that this happened. Still can’t get over it (although it’s clear to see by account of how much gushing I manage in 180 seconds). Everybody be cool.

It was a right place right time kinda thing –  I found myself chatting to Californian uber babes HAIM to fill time while they waited for an interviewer to arrive. After rambling on about watching them play in New York after a hurricane (as you do) and so on, I managed to grow some proverbial balls and tell Este that I was a fellow type 1. (Oh, by the way, Este has type 1).

‘No wayyyyyy! I never meet anyone else with this damn thing!’ she exclaimed. We started chatting about how there aren’t enough positive role models out there for YOUNG FUN TYPE 1s (oh hi blog) and aside from agreeing to start up a (drunken) sisterhood of the pancreatically challenged, she OFFERED to write for the site. GAWP. Which I knew as earnestly as she meant it, may never happen if I didn’t sit her in front of a computer right there and then and make her type. So instead I nabbed three minutes of her face and made this. YES.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this chick before this happened. I don’t tend to fangirl (ok, I do, but in the privacy of Twitter… ha) but this girl rocks my world, mostly because she doesn’t give a shit. She’s fiercely intelligent – completing a five year degree in two years – she has a penchant for pulling a plethora of amazing faces while she’s performing (hi, hi there), is hilarious on stage, loves a crowd surf and is undoubtedly the most outspoken of the three sisters, who have accomplished an utterly ridiculous and stunning rise since being announced as the Sound of 2013 winners last January. I mean, her Twitter handle is @JizzieMcGuire – Este Fucking Haim. Hero.

And all the while, she’s attached to a pump 24/7, feeding her insulin in between the performances and the interviews and the jetlag and the non-stop schedule. She’s rocking it. HARD. And also admits to feigning a low blood sugar in order to avoid a speeding ticket from a policeman. ESTE FOR PRIME MINISTER.

It was largely publicized in the summer that she had to leave stage during one of the girls’ Glastonbury sets (they appeared thrice, including alongside Primal Scream) because of a low blood sugar – exasturbated by the journo dream headline ‘I almost died on stage’. Sure. But it just goes to show that the complications this uberbitch of a disease happen to the best of us, in the most inconvenient of places. On stage in front of 25,000 people at one of the biggest festivals in the world? Type 1 doesn’t care.

Although she’s wonderfully open about living with this thing I’ve never seen her chat at such length on video solely about type 1 so I’m putting it out there that this little gem is an EXCLUSIVE. Woopa.

We need more Estes in the world.


11 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Este HAIM Talks to YFT1 About Life With Diabetes

  1. Brilliant Jen! Thankyou Este, enjoying life and not letting anything stop you! Great role model for all young diabetics. Mummy Grieves x 

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  2. Love it Jen. Well done.

  3. That was really cool to see & so true about having positive role models for Young T1s. Last year the lead singer of one of my favourite bands left the band citing being diagnosed with Diabetes as the reason. It was pretty serious to be fair but it was still really sad to hear it had caused him to leave, he’s now working on a new band though so hopefully he’s getting the hang of it. Anyway go Este!

  4. Thank you! Much appreciated 🙂

  5. She’s great isn’t she? Just goes to show you can rock the world (literally), even though it’s not easy. That’s a shame about your guy, but it is so unsettling at first so that’s really great that he’s back into it. Thanks so much for watching 🙂 x

  6. Yeah she is and you’re welcome, I really love your blog. It made me laugh, whenever I meet another T1 its just like you two in that video. Diabetes geek corner takes over!

  7. This is my first time reading your blog, and this was awesome to see. Haim was one of my favorite new bands in 2013, and I had no idea there was a diabetes connection. Go Este!

  8. Hi Hannah!
    Thanks so much for reading, I hope you found some of it at most useful, at least bemusing! Yes Haim are great, and Este is definitely flying a flag for us T1’s! Hope you’re well 🙂 x

  9. as a Mom with two type 1 daughters I find her so inspiring and I’m so glad you did this interview!

  10. She is ridiculously inspiring isn’t she? And I love how ‘real’ she is. Thanks so much for visiting, really appreciate it. Coping with T1 is tough, but coping with two T1 children, wow, that is inspiring in itself!

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