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Listen: YFT1 on Radio 1’s Surgery


I did it, and we didn’t get taken off air.


So as I explained, I was asked to go on BBC Radio 1’s Surgery to talk about living with type 1.

As thrilled and excited as I was to be asked, and as comfortable as I am in my workplace with my colleagues, when it came to putting the headphones on in front of the mic and sitting across the desk from Aled, I suddenly felt very daunted by the prospect of what felt like speaking on behalf of an entire community. I knew there was so much to say and so little time to say it in – I wanted to get enough points across but also to make sure I conveyed what it’s really like to live with this thing. Oh, and without completely offending anyone. Simple…

The chat absolutely flew by – to the point that I didn’t even manage to mention the blog. Nice one idiot. You get a national mouthpiece and you fail to mention the very reason you’re there. We covered a hell of a lot of ground (mostly due to me speaking at seemingly 100 miles an hour…) but I could have carried on for a lot longer – many times I was signalled to shorten my answers – wait… me? Waffling on? Surely not?? (Sorry Aled!)

I was under no illusion that it was going to reach out to a billion people, nor that all of the people listening would care, but I do feel that this kind of thinking and chatting openly about living with a life-long condition isn’t just about diabetes – it’s about anyone going through something, or dealing with a condition that scares them or makes them feel different. I felt very privileged to be given that platform and would love to keep doing this kind of thing and spreading the D word, as well as hopefully making young people feel a bit better about anything they may be going through. I was massively put at ease by the support I received from the diabetes community on Twitter – so thanks yet again you wonderful bunch. The discussion is in full below, as well as a picture of me with quite possibly the most ridiculous grin I’ve ever seen, coupled with some delightful rain-battered hair. Great.

Surgery Presenters


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