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YFT1 Completes The Big Challenge!


But it’s here! Nearly two months on, the challenge is a completely surreal distant dream. The finer points are all a bit hazy, but the feeling I got from that epic week will never ever leave me. What a year.

So where the hell have I been all this time? Well, apart from getting very heavily reacquainted with the bottom of a wine glass – normal service and then some has resumed – I’ve also been busy moving house, getting a new job and being consistently distracted by the sudden regular appearance of a human boy. GASP. And I thought it would have time on my hands after this was over… silly, silly Jen.

This video is 22 minutes, so quite an investment on your part (soz in advance for the heavy use of the nostril angle) but if you’ve any interest in diabetes, cycling, running, how exercise effects blood sugars, charity challenges, or you want to see the wonderful bunch of people that I was surrounded by on both the cycle and the run, then hopefully it’s worth a watch. If not, there’s many an unflattering angle for you to appreciate (see above point re: nostrils) and my helmet hair is also something of a delight.

If you’ve happened to stumble upon here and aren’t quite sure what you’re getting yourself in for – this video documents an idiot type 1’s journey cycling to Paris and running a half marathon in the same week.

Yuh huh.

As ever, I was trying to keep those magical blood sugar numbers somewhere in the 4-9 range throughout. Levels which, as it turns out, are somewhat affected by spending three days rotating your legs into another country…

This video is absolutely 100000000% dedicated to the 125 amazing incredible sponsors who helped me raise a quite frankly RIDICULOUS £2500, and the dozens of others who supported me along the way – through the training and the early mornings and the giving up boozing and all the rest. It still blows my mind to even write that total down. If I only take one thing from the challenge, it’s that this world (and my world in particular, somehow) is full of absolutely incredible human beings.

I’ll let you get watching before I start blubbing…


London To Paris


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