YFT1 Goes To A New York Festival

Watch me first, read me second!


Firstly, this video is obviously in massive antithesis to the zen-like wellness warrior I claim to have become of late as The Big Challenge approaches at a quite frankly FRIGHTENING rate (15 days, but I’m not counting). It just goes to show what can happen in a few short months! I barely recognise that girl; my face, my manner, everything seems a little different. Funny.

Secondly, the numbers. So as ever we are ideally trying to keep between magical 4 and 9 to be deemed the good little diabetics we so desire to be, and spend every minute of every hour of every day trying to be. Sooo these yes, were a little on the high side. But only just, and for one day, when I’m on an island off an island having the time of my little, a little on the high side is perfectly fine thank you very much. I actually had a couple of low sugars the next day from all the walking trudging and jumping around. Wellies have that magical effect of regressing you to your six-year-old self don’t they?? Wonderful.


Next… alcohol. Yehhhh so that was a day full of drinkies! Obviously I don’t drink that much on a regular basis (ahem) and in fact I’m writing this having not had a drop for four weeks in the interests of keeping my blood sugars on the straight and narrow ahead of *that* casual 200 mile bike ride and half marathon. As at most festivals, the choice of alcohol on offer was very much restricted. I find you generally get the option of a wine, an alcopop, a beer and a cider. This was no different. I’ve done enough… erm… ‘practicing’ of the drinking + diabetes equation to know what my body can handle. I can drink white wine and lager without too much upset, hence those being my weapon of choice for the day. There was a vodka tent which offered diet soda as a mixer (diabetic dream – no effect on sugars) but they were preeeetttty pricey. And who wants to be sipping vodka in a muddy field when they can have a warm can of supremely average lager anyway…

The alcohol definitely had a part to play in the raised blood sugars, but on days like that where I’m in a foreign environment and far far removed from my normal routine, I tend to keep my sugars running slightly (but only slightly) high to avoid any dramatic hypo situations. Aforementioned hurricane battered field is probably not the ideal place to pass out. And guys, I had bands to watch.

So diabetes and festivals, doable? YES YES YES. Idiot dancing, singing like a moron and skipping through mud… optional. But positively encouraged.


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2 comments on “YFT1 Goes To A New York Festival

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! I’m a little jealous! Hope training for The Big Challenge is going well!

  2. Thanks Vicki! And thank you for watching. Yes training’s going well, it’s so soon arghhhh! Hope you’re well. I had a look at your blog looks great! Have subscribed 🙂 x

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