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My Week In Beats – 24.05.13

Week 2… This is fun isn’t it? I like this idea.

Soooo music music music. This week has been about a LOT of music, maybe more than normal. Let’s GO.

1. So on Friday night I had the absolute pleasure of heading to Brighton to pap the BBC Introducing night at the Great Escape festival. This ‘work’ pretty much combined all of my favourite things: taking pics, live music and being by the sea! (I know, tough job isn’t it?! I promise I do work really hard). There was a really lovely group of us down there and I photo’d four bands over the course of the evening. One of them, Iyes, I pretty much fell in love with there and then, and this had absolutely nothing to do with the beautiful guitarist… Honest.

This track Glow struck me completely. The vocals – wow. The rest… well it’s synthy, soft electro pop which is utterly mesmerising – music that grabs you and takes you under without you realising rather than shoving it down your neck, into your ears and assaulting your senses without warning or choice. The crashes of percussion are dreamy and there’s an overwhelming, heady lift throughout this track that takes you far, far away. I can’t wait to see what’s coming for these guys, and with the current buzz around them I’m sure it won’t be long before we all hear a lot more from Iyes.

2. After a very respectable start, this maaaayyyyy be another one for the disclaimer pile… don’t judge. I had an early birthday party on Saturday as I am spending this weekend (on whence my actual 26th day of birth falls) working in Derry-Londonderry for Radio 1’s Big Weekend. More on that in a moment. But said party – oh my it was bloody wonderful. What’s not to love about having most of your favourite people all in one place and seeing all your different worlds blend together in a prosecco-fuelled haze of happiness? It literally rocked my world – well the neighbour’s walls at least. Much as I tried to unleash an acceptably cool playlist amongst my muso/DJ friends, it took until about 1am for my housemate to switch it over to her favourite 5ive Megamix (not complaining, see last week’s entry no. 3), and by 5am there was an incident with Celine Dion and a whisk. She’s going in. What a belter.

3. Preparing to lose more credibility here… I’m about to talk about musicals. Ohhhh musicals *adopts Disney stage face*. I just love them. I love the big production, the make up, the costumes, the singing, the drama, the emotion, the journey, the escapism, and most of all the dancing. Dancing was my absolute life until about the age of 18, and becoming a West End dancer was THE DREAM. Mostly when I go and see musicals I get pangs of grief/joy for a former life, and have to physically restrain myself from leaping out of my seat and pirouetting onto the stage, which would be awkward for everybody involved. I’m getting all misty eyed here, but yeh I quite like musicals. So two of besties get utterly outrageous amounts of props for surprising me at aforementioned party with tickets to see the soon to be released Charlie and The Chocolate Factory on the West End. It just so happens that the original film is one of my very favourites, and one of the first films I remember truly loving. Aren’t my friends amazing?!?!

So here he is in all his wonderful, sinister, eccentric, exquisite glory – Gene Wilder and his original Chocolate Factory.

4. So here I am typing this in my hotel room in Derry-Londonderry, about to head off for my first day on site ‘working’ at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. I’ve used quite marks because I know a lot of people will not regard this as a proper job but I can assure you I will be working my ass off, even though admittedly there are a lot worse things you could be doing on your birthday than being surrounded by a like-minded bunch of awesome creatives working to pull people from all over the UK together to have a great time – on site, through the radio and online (here’s hoping I don’t single-handedly implode the Internet). This is a stunning example of just what music can do for people from ridiculously contrasting walks of life; united for one weekend by one band, one song, one lyric, one moment. It’s actual magic.

Did I mention I really REALLY love my job?

It’s going to be such a special, wonderful, silly, knackering, exceptional few days. It blows my mind a little bit that I’m even here as one tiny minute part of such a massive operation. One of my faves on the line-up is the wonderful Bastille. I’ve been totally obsessed with them since hearing their exceptionally clever mixtape Other People’s Heartache. There is also now an equally exceptional Other People’s Heartache Part 2. I urge you to wrap your ears around both and get lost in the exquisite compilation of covers, and also Dan’s insane vocals. HAUNTING. But they’re quite an investment of a listen (although  they are PERFECT to get you through a dreary afternoon), so I will leave you with their latest single, Laura Palmer. I’ll let it speak for itself, as the lyrics quite rightly say: ‘This is your heart/ Can you feel it?/ Can you feel it?’

Lots of music-based Love xxx


One comment on “My Week In Beats – 24.05.13

  1. You sound like you really do have the best job 😀
    I’ll be listening to the festival on the radio
    Have fun!!!!!!!!

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