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#AskJen – The Video

That’s right. #AskJen has arrived.

So a little while ago myself and Diabetes UK took to the Twittersphere to ask you for your funny, silly, serious, cheeky ANYTHING questions relating to life with Type 1, mostly to laugh (for once, godammit!) at the ridiculous things we find ourselves doing on a daily basis in order to keep our blood sugars within a normal range, but also in my silly little way to at least attempt to reach out to some of the people out there that feel quite isolated in their type 1 lives. The Diabetes online community has absolutely paved the way immeasurably for people to be able to talk about this stuff from others who get it – because sometimes even the most well-meaning of friends, parents and medical staff just don’t get it quite right. Thank you SO MUCH for your questions. Seriously, you rock.

So if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare (well, 17. Turns out I have absolutely no trouble talking about this stuff)  and want a bit of a giggle, sit back, relax and… just bear with me! It starts on a more serious note, but as you go through hopefully you’ll have a little chuckle at the screen. Stick with my waffle until the end and… after months of peer pressure from a certain few out there YOUKNOWWHOYOUARE… please ‘enjoy’ the animal-based impression at the end. Ok good.

*DISCLAIMER* – said animal impression is going to be SUCH a disappointment for you all.

If you understandably don’t have 17 minutes to spare to watch me wang on, here’s a handy little breakdown of all the questions answered. Nifty hey?

01:04 – “I’m 18. Do you feel completely different to other people knowing you can’t do a lot of things they can?

04:00 – “Ever had a hypo at an awkward or embarrassing moment?

07:52 – “What D magic power is your most boast-worthy?

09:18 – “What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said to someone while hypo?

11:23 – “Have you ever used D as an excuse when it wasn’t really the reason?

13:04 – “Have you ever panic over-treated a hypo and if so what was the most you ever ate?

14:41 – “Have you got any of those lumps from injecting in the same place?

16:32 – BONUS FOOTAGE! #meerkatjen

Enjoy! xxx

Watch the video for this, amongst other striking visuals...

Watch the video for this, amongst other striking visuals…


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