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Food. For. Thought.

She says – working her way through a egg/chicken/betroot/mushroom-based dream.

This needs a type 2 distinction (GAH), but on the whole, this article is preeettttyyyy interesting.


Thanks to Joe for the tweet.

And thank you all SO much for your amazing #AskJen responses – they really made me smile. The inane stuff we have to deal with is just as interesting and important as the bigger, wider issues and one thing I can definitely say is that none of us are alone in this.

Video coming soooooon!


P.S. Keeping with the food theme (when is life NOT about food?! OINK) – this is currently sitting on the desk opposite me at work. HELP.

Yummy, yummy, everywhere....

Yummy, yummy, everywhere….


One comment on “Food. For. Thought.

  1. I saw your blog and wanted to share with you. Because T2 has inadvertently assumed the name Diabetes, there’s so much confusion. It’s not a opinion of, “I don’t want to be associated with them” for most of us T1’s, it’s a matter of “I’d like to end the confusion and fighting between the types”. Confusion equals conflict. Nearly 2,000 signatures in under 2 weeks – We are moms of Type 1 children who have filed a petition to revise the names of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes to more accurately reflect the nature of each disease. We tried to do this in a way that benefits both the Type 1 and Type 2 communities. We sincerely hope that we have accomplished our goal to make this petition benefit all of us. Please click on the link below to view our petition on change.org and please read it in its entirety before passing any judgement.
    We respect your opinion if you choose not to support the petition. We apologize if we have offended anyone in any way with the language or purpose expressed in our petition. We truly tried to look at our petition from the position of all within the diabetes community and it was certainly not our intent to dismiss anyone’s feelings or needs. We thank supporters, and non-supporter alike, in advance for taking the time to read and consider our petition.
    Thank you,
    Jeanette Collier & Jamie Perez


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