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Now then.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that I’m a video blogger for the lovely people at Diabetes UK. Firstly, I’m fully aware you’ve all got better things to be doing. But mostly because I haven’t done a video in **** months. I can’t even bring myself to write it. Poor wonderful Joe and the team insist it’s fine, but it kind of isn’t. Put it this way, I had my hair drastically lopped off in September (you’ll understand when you get to the bottom of the post), and I haven’t video blogged with short hair as yet.

*Weeps for long lost locks and ability to write vlog scripts*


It’s time to make a video, and I need your help!

Basically, it’s pretty clear that I’m a fan of talking… and talking… and talking. The problem with a chronic illness like diabetes, and many others, is that often people don’t like to talk about it. But that can leave us feeling pretty rubbish – I often think I’m failing when I’m really really not, and even though I know this when I record a glucose of 17.2, I sit there and squirm and stew and huff and puff and let it temporarily dampen my otherwise very happy day. One other thing I’m damn sure of is that I’m not alone in my blood sugar/insulin/HbA1c related frustrations.

So, with the help of a nifty little hashtag (we know you love ’em), my next video is going to be comprised of answers to questions you realllllly want to know about diabetes, but are scared to ask out loud. I’m not talking the medical stuff here, HELL NO I am not the one you want answers from about that (I have a disclaimer and everything). This is about the fun stuff (what’s your hypo cure of choice?), the embarrassing stuff (did you have an unfortunate bathroom ‘incident’ before you were diagnosed? That one’s a yes), the stupid stuff (tell us an awkward diabetes-related dating story? So SO many)… you get the idea. Maybe stuff that you don’t even consider out of the ordinary because it’s a daily thing for you and your Type 1 world, but outside our little bubble it’s completely crackers, and you simply want to be reassured that you’re not the only one that pours Lucozade on her macbook in the pitch black at 4am as she’s trying to sort a hypo but is so low she can’t tell her brain to lift her arm to her mouth.

Yup. That stuff.

Myself and the DUK team will pick a lovely mixture of the best, most probing, most embarrassing and most thought-provoking questions, and I’ll whack them all together in a lovely video. Lovely.

In return for your time and your questions, I hereby solemnly vow to answer them all completely honestly, and most likely in a ridiculous manner that makes me look like something of a visual moron.

So if you want the below civilised, dignified and upstanding member of society to tell you what she knows about living with this blaaaaady disease, jump on Twitter and #AskJen!!

See? Just breathtaking.

See? Just breathtaking.


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