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Talking Type 1 On The Radio


Just did a mad five minutes (if that!) on The Mark Forrest Show which goes out on the local BBC networks across the UK, talking about the differentiation between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. This is something I know a lot of people get frustrated about when we’re nonchanlently put together like some sort of weird club of slobby, lazy overeaters.

The hook for the show was ‘If you get diagnosed with diabetes – is it your fault?’ This is quite a sweeping, almost dangerous hook for a feature but I suppose the idea is to get people talking, and that sentence seems to have done that alright. The feature comes from this story in the news today about the rising cost to the NHS (we know, we know).

I poured out my feelings about this issue at length after watching a Channel 4 documentary called The Hospital, which aired back in 2010 when this blog was a wee baby. Although it was three years ago, it remains one of my most talked about posts to date, probably because there is some serious raw emotion in there about the issue. I just read it back – apparently I had some strong feelings to express! Most importantly though, three years later I stand by it entirely. Give it a read, especially as just like any other time I speak about this subject in a live environment, there’s a lot in there I wish I’d said.


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