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You Make My Dreams Come True

Back in England… It’s cold. I’ve heard unconfirmed reports via Twitter that it’s snowing. But I’m not sure.

So I’ve spent the last while (20 minutes p’haps. Must. Try. Harder) trying to start THE Australia blog.

Sorry, didn’t I tell you, I went to Australia? No? I’ve told everyone I’ve never spoken to. Here, look. There was a bloody amazing pun and everything.

Despite my usual ability to waffle on for all eternity, I really don’t know where to start with this one. There’s just too much to say. Help me out here – do I break it down by state (we covered three), time zone (two. Three if you count China, four if you include England), blood sugar level maybe? (It went from incredible, stable and wonderful to horrendous, erratic and uncontrollable. Just like home, and 99% my own doing; also just like home). Do you care, do you want to know? GAH.

I’ve been distracting myself with music while I figure this out, mostly bopping to a soundtrack to match the current state of delight with life that I’ve been experiencing for the past few months with no apology whatsoever. To the point that even acknowledging that makes me confused as to whether I should get sick in my mouth, give myself a slap, or simply continue to count my blessings. Or maybe just continue with the bopping. I do love a bop. So until a Type 1 Tidal Wave of a post is construed (‘crafted’, if you will), please get this down your neck, in your ears and absorbed by every other crevice you care to acknowledge.

That music video alone is already almost too much to handle on your average weekday evening. Just LOOK at that facial hair. Tell me it doesn’t make you want to run out in the snow naked; clicking your fingers and shaking your hips in this kind of manner, only sans clothes avec freezing extremities:


Gwannnn, I dare ya.


(No, I have no idea what’s going on either. There’s absolutely no point to anything I’ve just written. I can’t even pretend it’s mildly amusing. If anyone should ever desire to bring this post up in the future, I’m blaming the jet lag, ok?)


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