A Big Day…

Yes, it’s pancake day, but I don’t mean that. Although I do welcome any excuse to unashamedly face-plant a doughy stack of warm batter perfection. Dribble.

Today I have been unveiled to the diabetes community (yes I’m talking myself up) as the new video blogger for Diabetes UK. Admittedly, when it comes down to it, it is in fact just me waffling on in my lounge without much of a clue about what I’m talking about. Just your average day then. But this is a HUGE deal for me. Epic proportions. I’m so completely proud, massively privileged and ridiculously lucky to have been given such a platform to talk to others about living with Type 1. When I started this blog I didn’t for a second think anyone out there would care to read/listen. But it turns out there’s some comfort to be taken from knowing that other idiots out there (i.e yours truly) are fumbling their way through this absolute joy of an auto-immune thingy-wotsit too.

Diabetes UK do amazing things for us lot. I’ve been a member since the year I was diagnosed and will remain a member for the rest of my days I’m sure. Without getting all Oscars speech on you lot, to have my mug on their site is an absolute honour. I don’t pretend to know everything about what we’re dealing with, mostly because I am under no illusion that I in fact know very little. All I can do is talk about my own experiences. And we all know I’m alright at talking. Hell, I’ve made a career out of it and it’s probably my favourite thing to do, face-planting pancake stacks aside.

Nonetheless, talking about our own experiences is a very personal thing, and I think that’s potentially why people are often hesitant to adopt any approach that strays far from the ‘heads down, crack on and shut up’ school of thought. That goes for any subject, issue, ailment or worry in anyone’s life. And I think that’s why I feel really nervous about doing this, in a good way. It’s the same feeling I had when people started taking the time to read this here blog. None of you, as you sit here and read this, or watch the videos, are obliged to give a shit about What Some Ditzy Blonde Did. And to that end I think that doing these video blogs are kind of a big deal. Scream ‘delusions of grandeur’ at me if you like,  but Diabetes, as a condition, is kind of a big deal. And it’s pretending that it’s not that lands us in trouble. Serious, scary, leg amputation and kidney failure kind of trouble. Eventually. I have a real sense of need to do this justice. So please, watch the video, and tell me what you think, and then hopefully I can make the next one better.

Phew. This is all getting a bit deep and meaningful for the likes of YFT1… where’s a good chicken impression when you need one? As you were.


2 comments on “A Big Day…

  1. This is great news Jen, I will look forward to your ramblings! 😉

  2. […] Jen’s also written a piece on her blog site about why she’s doing this for us. Do check it out. This entry was posted in Jen Grieves and tagged Type 1, video, vlog. Bookmark the permalink. […]

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