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We Need A Moment…

Just a moment. That’s a lovely Irish phrase I’ve stolen and adopted from my beautiful Dubliner friend.

I was trawling through an American diabetes forum last night in an attempt to become an all-round all-conquering diabetes superwoman. Well, it works in my head. And I stumbled upon an article that shocked me rather muchos, if it’s true, given the “Are you injecting heroin?” incident which you can catch up on here. There I was joking about it being like an episode of the mighty Byker Grove (wow, Newcastle, Ireland, America. What a continental post…) from the mid-1990s. I was also laughing (in fact I think the word I used was “chuckling”. I may have to review that) at the plethora of places I’ve dosed up without a care in the world for what people may think I’m doing. But given the very well-documented so called “diabetes epidemic”, particularly in regards to Type 2, particularly in America, we definitely need a moment for this.

N.B. I’m rather freaked out by how closely my post relates to this incident. Maybe there is a case for a diabetes superwoman after all…


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