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Like A Virgin.

So, day one of official low-carbing for diabetes a la Jen, and the most beautiful cheesecake I’ve ever seen got plonked in front of my greedy little eyes at work! Normally I would have a small slice and have a couple extra units of insulin. But the thought of giving in on day one… I’m too bloody-minded for that. Plus I didn’t really want the cheesecake. I mean, it’s just cheesecake. At risk of this sounding like a diet blog, I will put cheesecake-gate behind me. I resisted. Hurrah.

So woke up this morning and was meant to be full of gung-ho-ness about taking control of my diabetes and being a healthy happy little lady. But… the weekend involved the usual – partying with housemates, too many vodkas (and diet coke) and the resulting need for hangover stodge. Stodge = carbs = high blood sugar levels = masses of insulin. But I knew today I was being reborn as a different kind of diabetic, in a not-quite Virgin Mary fashion (sorry mum, the jig is up) so it was okay. I had a chinese for the last supper (I’m aware the use of that phrase doesn’t make me any more virginal). And despite a mahoussive dose of insulin to compensate, I still felt like utter shit this morning. That’s another thing you fellow type 1s will be aware of… insulin hangovers.

A hangover of any kind is not the best way to start the week. My morning blood sugar was slightly higher than I would have liked, but I don’t do that often, and it’s onwards and downwards from here on in. I’ve done a lot of my low-carb reading here, along with various other books, blogs and medical articles. Granted, none of that website has been written by doctors (I don’t think), but the evidence suggests the advice we’ve been getting (to stuff our faces with carbs but avoid sugar, even though they ultimately both end up as the same thing in the body) ain’t been working so well.

So I felt groggy this morning to say the least. It annoys me when I’m high (blood sugar, not narcotics) in the morning; it’s like I’ve failed myself. But what can you do. My sugars were down by lunchtime thanks to the sans carb breakfast.  You may be recoiling at the thought of a life without our good old staple Mr Bread, and your jaw may positively drop in horror when I admit that today I’ve eaten large amounts of salad. BUT… these aren’t limp one-piece-of-lettuce-are-you-kidding-me salads. They’re serious, I-mean-business-and-I-taste-bloody amazing salads. Cheese, pesto, avocado nom  nom nom. Who doesn’t love that?! I’ve also had olives, sausages and eggs. Hell yes. It feels a little odd as we’ve always been taught the fatsarebadifyoueatthemyouwillbethesizeofawhale mantra. Not so, if my new found virtual friends are anything to go by. You can read more on that here.

So day one, once I got past the cheesecake, was wholly successful. I need to think of this not as some kind of deprived diet, but a glorious and rather delicious lifestyle choice that’s ultimately going to add years to my life, save my eyesight and limbs. Not to be over-dramatic about these things. But ultimately, diabetes can kill. Scary huh.

Going slightly off topic, my six-month contract at work is up in four weeks. I kinda sorta  perhaps maybe hoped I would be okay, but you’ve got to worry about these things. So there was a little niggling part of me that thought the powers above wouldn’t renew my contract and I would be out of the best job I’ve ever had. Hooray, hurrah, yippee, I’ve been informed my services as a broadcaster are still required. To celebrate, I took myself to the gym for the evening. Rock. And. Roll.


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